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What if you can deliver a customer experience that is frictionless and secure?

Reduced costs, lower risks, built in anti-fraud, accelerated time-to-market and more accessible services. Now you can have it all.

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Committed to you

We know the cloud is challenging. So, wherever you are in your journey, you’ll get the agnostic support, expertise and experience you need: reduced time to market, a right-first-time approach, and an enduring efficiency that leads to long-term cost reductions.

The Midships Promise

We will always do the right thing for you, not us.

We won’t tie you into long-term agreements.

We will proactively pass any vendor discounts directly to you.

We will give you every piece of code we use -- from Day One.

We will encourage you towards self-sufficiency.

And we will tell you how your plans could be improved.


Cloud-native principles.

A team built only with senior, experienced IT professionals. Proven deployment accelerators. And an unbreakable pledge: we will always do the right thing for you, not us.

Say goodbye to the old way of doing things. Say hello to Midships..


Our services are

outcome focussed

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Reduce your operational cost by implementing user-centric, self-service capabilities that your customers find easy to navigate. Our agnostic approach, enduring partnerships and proven accelerators mean you’ll get a system deployed in minutes. So you can save time and money from the start – and on every day of your future.

A different way of thinking, a whole new set of results.

By putting you first and taking the time to understand your short- and long term business drivers, we’ll help you get the outcomes you need – exactly when you need them. Simplicity and relevance guide our recommendations and solutions. You’ll benefit from an incremental delivery approach and the data you need to make informed decisions about your future.

A different way of thinking, a whole new set of results.

“I have been very impressed with Taweh. He joined the team at a difficult point in the project and unblocked a lot of product specific challenges. These were challenges that the ForgeRock SME on the project hadn’t been able to help with... His communication skills are excellent and he keeps calm when conversations start to get difficult.”

Mark Cook,
Project Lead, Accenture

“With an aggressive timeline and limited budget, Midships’ unique proposition – underpinned by its accelerators and knowledge of containerized architectures – gave us the confidence to choose them. It was a decision well made.”

A- Alfonso Tambunan,
CTO, Bank Jago

“Ajit is an excellent technologist who truly gets to the heart of an issue and resolves it quickly. He has been invaluable in several technical projects and also preventing many IT project issues occurring.”

Tony Spilsbury, Director of Technology, The Cooperative Bank Plc


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customers have to say

Our Customers

In just three months, we delivered the customer ID experience 

and event-based architecture that sets up Indonesia’s first true online bank account for major success.

South East Asian Challenger Bank

Used the Midships ForgeRock Accelerator to deploy ForgeRock to AWS, Alicloud and subsequently GCP.

Fintech in Indonesia, where we supported their adoption of AliCloud, Strategic Architecture definition, and accelerated the deployment of their CIAM solution

Prominent Global Bank 
This prominent Global Bank uses Midships to accelerate the 
deployment of ForgeRock in an international environment. Being headquartered in London, the bank has a very strong presence in the APAC region and Africa. The bank operates over 1200 branches in over 70 countries.

Non Profit International Bank

Non-profit International Bank uses Midships to accelerate the upgrade of ForgeRock in a
highly complex environment. The Bank (owned by 69 countries) uses investments as a tool to develop market economies across more than 30 countries ranging from Central Europe to Central Asia.


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