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Since 2018, Midships’ has been supporting organisations globally to prevent fraud and deliver frictionless & high performing services to their customers. We are experts in accelerating the delivery of Customer identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to the cloud via DevSecOps.

Our mission is to prevent anyone becoming

a victim of fraud

Ajit Gupta

20+ years’ IT and management experience, including 11 years at Accenture and running security practices for the UK public sector.


Folkert Postma

Experienced and adept at realizing growth in international markets for tech, start-up and e-commerce companies.


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Our practical approach puts your business outcomes at the heart of any project.


No long-term agreements, no proprietary secrets and 100% transparency – guaranteed.

Customer centric

We’ll always tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you want to hear.


Midships is staffed entirely by senior IT professionals each with decades of experience.


ForgeRock integration partners (since 2018) and Oracle Cloud integration partners (since 2019).


We are…

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