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Over recent months the team and I have been answering this question, should I be using IDaaS? For the most part, IDaaS was not a solution that suited many of our customer needs, but with the new ForgeRock Cloud Identity solution becoming available shortly, we think this may be about to change. This blog is intended to help you determine whether IDaaS is right for you.


About Taweh Ruhle

Experienced techie that loves everything anime and technology. With background in Information, Cloud, Payment and IT security and extensive experience of #DevOps, #IAM, #Kubernetes, and #Cloud.

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Before I get into the crux of this, let’s remove a couple of the fallacies that keeps coming up:

  1. IDaaS does not mean you no longer require Identity SMEs. IDaaS provides a platform which can host your identities, but you will still need to configure the identity journeys (authentication, authorisation etc) and do the integration with it.

  2. If you are running a legacy Identity Solution today, then the data migration effort will be comparable between a modern self-hosted and IDaaS.

What do we mean by IDaaS?

This is an Identity and Access Management solution provided as a service by a third party. They are accountable for the security, maintenance and update of the underlining infrastructure and applications.

What do we mean by Self-Hosted? An Identity and Access Management solution built, configured, and hosted by you regardless of where it is hosted I.e. on premise or cloud.


Below is a flow to you help you reach a decision

Is IDaaS right for me?

I hope this blog & decision tree is useful. If you have any questions, feedback or want to to learn more about how Midships can help support your cloud delivery, contact me at

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