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Introducing AffirmID, a new low code fraud prevention solution that also reduces friction through passwordless login from any device – and native to ForgeRock.

Your biggest challenges – solved

Increases in service registrations

(66% of users walk away if registration is too complex).

Fewer data breaches

(80% of all breaches are due to weak passwords).

Large help desk cost savings

(up to 50% of help desk calls are password resets, costing $70+ each in labor).

Reduces fraud across high-risk transactions

every transaction is authenticated and signed by the customer’s private key).

Inherently unsafe passwordbased authentication wiped out

(potentially saving you millions every year)

Fewer abandoned transactions

(92% of users abandon websites rather than recover/reset passwords).

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Give your customers the best possible experience while enjoying the security and
reassurance of fraud protection and non-repudiation.

The easy way to secure your business – and your customer’s loyalty

Enable passwordless verification of your customer identities from any device and digitally sign high-risk transactions with AffirmID.

Secured with PKI

Low annual license fee

Simple self-maintenance

Low code for fast and seamless deployment

Complies with FIDO

Uses public/private key pairs secured by biometrics to authenticate customers and digital transaction signing to prevent fraud.

Secured with PKI

Guaranteed Transaction Integrity

AffirmID prevents message tampering by placing transaction details within the secure JWT.

Online and Offline Use Cases

AffirmID supports multiple use cases from both primary devices (registered) and secondary (unregistered) devices.

Affirm (verb): To declare positively; assert to be true.

In just three months, we delivered the customer ID experience 

and event-based architecture that sets up Indonesia’s first true online bank account for major success.

“With an aggressive timeline and limited budget, Midships’ unique proposition – underpinned by its accelerators and knowledge of containerized architectures – gave us the confidence to choose them. It was a decision well made.”

- Alfonso Tambunan, CTO, Bank Jago


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A safe and secure proven process.

  1. When making a high-risk transaction such as a payment, the user first reauthenticates locally to verify their identity.    

  2. Using their private key, the transaction is signed and sent to the IDAM service.

  3. The IDAM service validates the transaction using the associated public key and issues a JWT token containing the payee and amount.

  4. Your app sends the new token to the business service for processing.


The foundations of risk-free transactions and passwordless logins.

When a customer registers, your app generates a unique public/private key pair. The private key is stored on the customer’s device hardware, while the public key is sent to the IDAM platform.


Complete passwordless logins for the easiest user experience

Using PKI, ForgeRock authenticates the customer’s identity using the customer’s public key. QR codes make offline logins simple and straightforward.

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