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Accelerated ForgeRock deployments

Achieve up to 99.999% availability with a powerful multi-cloud, multi-region solution deployed in minutes.

In just three months, we delivered the customer ID experience 

and event-based architecture that sets up Indonesia’s first true online bank account for major success.

“With an aggressive timeline and limited budget, Midships’ unique proposition – underpinned by its accelerators and knowledge of containerized architectures – gave us the confidence to choose them. It was a decision well made.”

- Alfonso Tambunan, CTO, Bank Jago


Trusted by the world's leading organizations

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Unlock your potential with a ForgeRock Identity Solution designed and implemented by Midships’ world-class experts. Benefit from proven accelerators that deploy a containerised ForgeRock stack with fully integrated DevSecOps pipelines. And offer digital transaction signing from either the customer’s primary or secondary devices – without introducing additional third-party software.

Managed service available (no long-term contract)

Aligned with ForgeRock CDM

ForgeRock deployed in minutes (no more agonising waits)

Cloud-based identity management solutions


A comprehensive identity platform

Get expert configuration support for the world’s only full cloud identity as a service (IDaaS) platform.

Comprehensive, extensible, and customisable

Leverage a single platform for all identity and access needs


Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

If you need greater flexibility than the traditional Identity Cloud offering, or want to manage your own platform, we’ll complete your ForgeRock deployment to any cloud in minutes.

No long-term contract

Exit with just one day’s notices

Senior IT professionals as part of your extended team

Transparency, collaboration and trust


Containerised stacks to any cloud

Reduce time-to-market with our production-ready accelerator that deploys ForgeRock to Kubernetes on any cloud in just minutes.

Environmental consistency (XaaS)

Up to 99.999% availability

Multi-region and multi-cloud support

Completely immutable services

Cost savings through better CPU / Mem resource management

Hardening applied across O/S, middleware and application layers

Proven on AWS, Azure, GCP, Ali Cloud, Oracle and OpenShift

Authentication tree templates to support digital transaction signing, passwordless login and more.

Security recommendations pre-applied


Manage DevSecOps with ease

Harness the powerful combination of Midships’ accelerators and detailed documentation to eliminate the need for your team to be DevSecOps and cloud experts.

Simple user interface for production
configurations, certificate changes and password changes

Agile delivery (develop, test and finalise requirements incrementally)

Custom nodes for passwordless biometric authentication and authorisation from mobile devices


‘End of Life’ issues resolved

Simplify ForgeRock upgrades with Midships’ accelerators, making it fast and simple to upgrade from v12, v13 or v5. In just hours, you can:

Move ForgeRock to a private cloud

Apply bespoke configuration incrementally via a simple user interface

Reduce risk by running on your existing instance until existing features (and any new) are ready to go

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Contact us today to talk through your Gluu options and discover how we can make a measurable impact on your business’s performance.

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