Accelerated ForgeRock Delivery

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We are experts in deploying & upgrading ForgeRock in the cloud

Read our Case Study on how Midships accelerated Jago Bank's ForgeRock deployment to the Cloud  

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Ready

Midships can integrate ForgeRock Identity Cloud, ForgeRock's comprehensive, fully customizable, and extensible identity platform as a service.

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We can help you design and implement your identity schema, workflows and the integrations with your services.  Schedule a call here to learn more

Deploy ForgeRock to your Preferred Cloud

Midships accelerators deploy a containerised ForgeRock stack to all major cloud platform with a fully integrated DevSecOps pipeline.  You can achieve 99.999% availability with our Multi Cloud solution.

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Our accelerator is production ready, with hardening applied across O/S, middleware and application layers. Proven on AWS, Azure, GCP, Ali Cloud and Oracle (including multicloud). 

Why Containerised ForgeRock

Be consistent between environments as everything driven by code (XaaS) 

Go multi-cloud and achieve up to 99.999% availability

Improved your overall security as services are completely immutable

Lower cost through efficient management of CPU / Mem resources


It's Easy!


The Midships Accelerator

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Automation scripts to deploy the ForgeRock stack included saving you time and effort.

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The docker images are pre-hardened & ForgeRock security recommendation are pre-applied by default.

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Highly available architecture which can be deployed multi-cloud, single cloud / multi region or single cloud / single region. Proven to work on Azure, GCP, AWS, AliCloud and Oracle Cloud.

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Good documentation enabling you to manage your DevOps process yourself.

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The accelerator removes the reliance on your ForgeRock SMEs needing to be DevOps and Cloud experts. 

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Benefit from additional custom nodes we have developed such as our node that enables Passwordless Biometric Authentication & Authorisation from Mobile Devices.

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Use our new ForgeRock Accelerator Configuration Tool to apply production configuration, change certificates, change passwords, add custom nodes through a simple user interface that integrates with the pipeline. 

Supports Agile Delivery

Our accelerator enables you to deploy the platform quickly and apply features / requirements in an agile manner - enabling you to develop, test and finalise your requirements incrementally.

Read more about Agile here.


Upgrade from ForgeRock AM13.x and Migrate to Containerised Architecture

With AM v13 reaching end of life, use our accelerator to:

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automate the migration with one click;

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move ForgeRock to a private cloud whilst implementing a full DevOps pipeline in hours;

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apply bespoke configuration incrementally via a simple user interface;

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reduce risk by running on your existing instance until the existing features (and any new) are ready to go.

Simple UI to Manage ForgeRock Config

Our accelerator is bundled with a simple user interface that enables your DevOps teams to apply and deploy ForgeRock configuration provided by the ForgeRock SMEs in minutes with no knowledge of ForgeRock. 

Still looking for something?

We also have ongoing support package & consulting services if you need something extra for your DevOps pipeline.