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Midships Webinars 2021 - ForgeRock Series

Midships our excited to announce our first Webinar Series 2021 on ForgeRock in the Cloud.

These webinars will be led by our IAM experts Juan Redondo and Taweh Ruhle, with each webinar focused on a different aspect of deploying ForgeRock on the cloud.

20th January at 12.00 GMT

Hands On Webinar: ForgeRock Series - How to configure multi region replication in the cloud - Register Here

Learn how to configure multi region / multi cloud replication to achieve 99.99%+ availability for your ForgeRock stack. Solution is proven to work across GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, AWS & Alicloud.

17th February at 12.00 GMT

Hands On Webinar: ForgeRock Series - Authentication Trees & Access Manager Configuration Automation - Register Here

Learn how to codify and deploy authentication trees and access manager configuration (including passwords and certificates) so you can automate your DevSecOps process end to end.

17th March at 12.00 GMT

Hands On Webinar: ForgeRock Series - Manage Your Identity Data Confidently In The Cloud - Register Here

Learn how to host your identity data (user store & token store) on containers using persistent volumes. We will show you how we ensure your data remains unaffected by pod restarts.

21st April at 12.00 GMT

Hands On Webinar: ForgeRock Series - Configure Kubernetes Rolling Updates with Access Manager - Register Here

Maintaining uptime for Access Manager is critical for any deployment. Learn how to configure Kubernetes rolling updates with Access Manager to avoid unnecessary downtime and deploy changes more easily than using canary releases.

19th May at 12.00 GMT

Hands On Webinar: ForgeRock Series - Tips & Tricks for Deploying a Highly Available ForgeRock 7.x on the Cloud - Register Here

Our final webinar of the series which brings together the various tips and tricks we use to deploy ForgeRock into the Cloud.

All of these webinars will be recorded and this blog will be updated with the relevant links.

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