SRE as a Service

Eliminate worries about data centre failure and enjoy the benefits of a proactive, preventative approach with SRE as a Service.


There when you need us. Gone when you don’t.

With just one day’s notice period, you’re free to exit whenever you like. Your managed service fee includes a thorough handover process and we’ll continue to answer questions – at no extra cost – for 30 days after our agreement ends. You’ll also receive all scripts and source code: there are no black boxes and no proprietary secrets.

Our DevSecOps experience and cloud-first methodology are key to automating both your infrastructure and applications. You’ll get the support or guidance you need on architecture design. Our automated scripts, templates and images power end-to-end deployments, including technical capabilities such as logging and Identity & Access Management (IDAM). And our proactive monitoring approach gives you complete peace of mind.

No proprietary secrets

No long-term tie-ins

Inherent freedom and flexibility

Transparency, collaboration and trust


We’re on your side.

The better you plan, the cheaper your service. If you can wait two weeks, we’ll amend your existing configuration for free. Advance planning also gives you lower change costs for new features and services. We are part of your team and want to work with you: even if scope changes at the last minute, we’ll do our best to accommodate this at no extra cost (assuming resource allocation remains unchanged).

We’ll be happy to help.

Each situation is different. Contact us today for potential costs and all the extra details you’re looking for to make an informed decision.


Always ready to help.

We love being creative. Tell us the outcomes you’re trying to achieve and we’ll work with you on finding the perfect solution. Then we’ll adopt a ‘boring first’ policy to minimize day-to-day disruption. Triggers alert us to potential issues. Highly-available managed services minimise business disruption. And continuous security and operational checks highlight both potential issues and opportunities to reduce costs.


You’ll only deal with our ‘A Team’.

Our SRE As A Service is delivered by the same individuals involved in our professional services. So you’ll get direct access to experts who ensure what’s delivered always works and is as efficient as possible. And we’ll never hide anything. Want to check what we’re doing? Ask anyone in the team and you’ll get a quick, straight answer with honesty and transparency at its core.

Environment consistency, faster deployments, lower costs and autoscaling.

With SRE as a Service, your IT operations are transformed.

In just three months, we delivered the customer ID experience 

and event-based architecture that sets up Indonesia’s first true online bank account for major success.

Fintech in Indonesia, where we supported their adoption of AliCloud, Strategic Architecture definition, and accelerated the deployment of their CIAM solution

Prominent Global Bank 
This prominent Global Bank uses Midships to accelerate the 
deployment of ForgeRock in an international environment. Being headquartered in London, the bank has a very strong presence in the APAC region and Africa. The bank operates over 1200 branches in over 70 countries.

Non Profit International Bank

Non-profit International Bank uses Midships to accelerate the upgrade of ForgeRock in a
highly complex environment. The Bank (owned by 69 countries) uses investments as a tool to develop market economies across more than 30 countries ranging from Central Europe to Central Asia.


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