Midships Delivery Methods

The Midships Delivery Methods(MDM) provides a delivery framework based on our hands on learnings working with Enterprises adopting Agile methods, DevOps practices and Microservice / Event Driven Architectures 

Delivery Structure

We takes into consideration the realities faced by many organisations adopting Agile method and DevOps practices.  i.e. Often the organisation lacks the requisite skills, experience and embedded culture required to emulate the successes seen by organisations such as ‘Netflix’ and ‘Spotify'

We understand that despite the willingness from individuals to learn and adapt, without the right experience (which will take more than a month to attain) they are almost certainly setup for failure). 

"Part of company culture is path dependent- it's the lessons you learn along the way." Jeff Bezos

Our approach is to implement a delivery structure which includes the intelligent placement of SMEs with the right experience, mindset and skill set amongst multi disciplined squads.  We don't rely on your SMEs to being 'full stack' and multi skilled from the outset.  We know that over time, cross skilling will occur and the teams will begin to emulate the skills, culture  and mindset required for longterm success and efficient delivery.

Delivery Organisation.png

Our model is structured to ensure there are clear accountabilities; essential alignment & good communication between capabilities; strong cadence; and, effective oversight, driven by transparently collected metrics to enable informed decision making.

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“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

We believe that planning and preparation is critical for success, especially when adopting agile methods, devops practices and new architectures.  In fact, without doing the sufficient planning and preparation, we can predict many of the challenges that will be faced.

There is a general misconception that to be Agile means 'corners can be cut in order to be agile', 'documentation is not required' , etc. If anything, the nature of Agile delivery makes this even more critical.  Consider this, under agile, you will be empowering, often, inexperienced squad members to make decisions.  If they don't have guidance, the decisions they will make will be inconsistent leading to technical debt, quality challenges and ultimately resulting in delay and increased cost. 

The following diagram illustrates areas of planning and preparation that we believe should be considered when undertaking a project / programme where the business outcomes are critical.

Delivery Preparation.png

We recommend that ideally all of the above have been considered, documented and discussed with your scrum teams before you begin the core delivery. Working with our existing templates and learnings, we can accelerate the preparation time frame and reduce the number of PoCs required to establish your initial baseline.

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Reference Architecture

"Good design is good business" Thomas J. Watson

To deliver the benefits attached microservice / event driven architecture, particularly around being highly performant, highly available, scalable, operable, resilient, maintainable and secure needs to be planned and thought out.  Too often, this lack of fore though and understanding result in organisations delivering solutions that are akin to being a distributed monolith that are not highly performant or scalable due to the inter dependencies between the various microservices deployed.

Adopting microservices and event driven designs, requires your architects to undergo a change in their mindset where some fundamentals (such as how data is shared) need to be examined.


At Midships, we believe good architecture is predictable (i.e. the outcome can be predicted by the architect) and has been designed for failure.  Our reference architecture provides a reference pattern from which you can design your enterprise architecture from.

Midships ForgeRock Reference Architectur

Whilst not all of the above technical capabilities may be required, we recommend that they are all considered and removed consciously than added later. 

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