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No license costs. Managed service support. Find out why Midships and Gluu could be your perfect combination.

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Deployed on any cloud platform

With fully automated deployments, highly available architecture and flexible managed services, discover what Gluu and Midships can do for you.

Offer your customers passwordless solutions

Enable digital transaction signing to prevent fraud – with no third-party software

Managed service with inherent flexibility, including no long-term contract

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Open source and scalable

Eliminate your reliance on Gluu, cloud and Kubernetes experts with comprehensive Midships documentation that carries you to self-sufficiency.


Automation scripts to deploy highly available architecture

Preconfigured passwordless and transaction signing templates

All DevSecOps scripts included

Integrated into most pipelines in a single sprint

Cloud native (improved efficiency)

Automatically scales horizontally to meet demand

Low total cost of ownership (licence costs only applicable for

Enterprise Support and Admin UI)

Gluu Server Community Edition available until 2025

Responsive support via our managed service offering

Open-source software (more innovation, fewer bugs)

Agile delivery (develop, test and finalise requirements incrementally)

Proven on AWS, Azure, GCP and AliCloud

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Transform your customer experience with passwordless solutions, digital transaction signing (without additional third-party software) and highly available architecture. Midships offers flexible, managed services and accelerators to deploy to your Azure, GCP, AWS and AliCloud, Gluu Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) in minutes.

Fully automated deployments

No commercial tie-in and all knowledge shared

Operated by our ‘A Team’ of senior IT experts

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Cost-effective identity management solutions

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