Accelerated Gluu Deployments

Give your Customers the best possible experience


Deploy Gluu Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) to any cloud platform in minutes

Choose between:

Midships Managed Gluu Identity Service

Let Midships deploy & manage your self-hosted Gluu Identity Service on any Cloud Platform, allowing you to focus on your business.


Welcome to Midships Managed Services where we do things differently:

  • Fully automated deployments

  • Highly available architecture, tuned to perform

  • No commercial tie-In

  • We share our knowledge to enable you to take over whenever you choose

  • Operated by our A Team (the same SMEs who undertake professional services)

  • Flexible change

  • Designed for collaboration with the cost of change reducing further ahead you collaborate with us

Accelerated Gluu Delivery

The Midships Gluu accelerator deploys a production ready, highly available Gluu Identity stack to all major cloud platform in minutes via a fully integrated DevSecOps pipeline. 

Midships Gluu Accelerator.png

​The accelerator is:

  • Pre hardened

  • Pre defined automation scripts to deploy a standard highly available architecture

  • Good documentation allowing you to become self sufficient

  • Pre-configured with templates to support Passwordless & Transaction Signing for Non Repudiation

  • Comes with all of the DevSecOps scripts and can be integrated into most pipelines within one sprint.

  • Removes reliance on Gluu + Cloud + Kubernetes SMEs 

  • Proven on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Ali Cloud.

New features and Multi Cloud will be available soon.  

Why Gluu Customer Identity?

Gluu is Open Source

Community-developed software, more innovation and less bugs.

Nothing builds trust like source code


Cloud Native

enables you to improve the efficiency of operation and auto-scale to effectively meet demand.


Scales to Billions

Need to handle thousands of authentications per second? Gluu enables you to horizontally scale to meet all demand.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Only pay license costs (based on montly active users) if you need Enterprise Support and the Admin UI


It's Easy!

Supports Agile Delivery

Our accelerator enables you to deploy the platform quickly and apply features / requirements in an agile manner - enabling you to develop, test and finalise your requirements incrementally.

Read more about Agile here.


Still looking for something?

We also have ongoing support package & consulting services if you need something extra for your DevOps pipeline.