Event-based Architecture

A different way of thinking. 
A whole new set of results.


Asynchronous design

No waiting for real-time calls between services. One service 

simply sends its request and then continues with its other tasks. The recipient service picks up the request when it has time to process.

Adoption support, as well as aligned solution design and implementation

Improved site up-time and guaranteed peak-time performance

Greater resilience (no tight coupling eliminates multiple service failure)

Scalable and flexible, with low cost of change 

Highly available, optimisable and high performing architecture

Personalised customer journeys – with unlimited permutations all driven by the user

Deliver personalised customer experiences with the unparalleled power of event-based architecture.

For years, we’ve been at the forefront of this IT revolution. We’re utterly grounded in its principles. So we know what works, what doesn’t, and just how much you can achieve with event-based services. Partner with us and you’ll be able to deliver extraordinary experiences. It’s time to give your customers everything they deserve.


Loose coupling

Update, test and deploy your existing and future services 
without fear of disrupting the rest of your architecture. Loose coupling ensures each service operates independently, so changes to a single service have no impact beyond its existing parameters. So management and maintenance become quicker, more cost-effective and more precise.

Synchronous v asynchronous? 
Find out which works for you…

Of course, a traditional REST approach still has merit. Contact us today to find out which solution is best suited to your specific circumstances. We’ll give you an indication of potential costs and all the extra details you’re looking for to make an informed decision. Call 0161-5050-485 or email We’ll be happy to help.

Efficient and customer-centric business processes

Migrate to event-based architecture and reach your full potential


Easy and automatic scaling

As each microservice is loosely coupled, they can scale up as needed to meet demand (based on the number of requests outstanding) – without concerns about any potential impacts on other services.


Recovery support

Ease concerns over data loss with event-based architecture’s ability to replay events and recover lost work. It’s the ultimate peace of mind – for you and your customers.

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